Christians Minister to Earthquake Victims in Van, Turkey

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Christians Minister to Earthquake Victims in Van, Turkey

December 7, 2011

Iranian Christian organization Elam Ministries is providing relief to the victims of the devastating earthquake that hit the city of Van, Turkey, on Oct. 23, killing 600 and leaving thousands homeless, ASSIST News Service reports. Van is home to a large number of Iranian refugees, and an Iranian church that was founded by Elam -- the first Christian church in Van for 100 years. The Rev. Sam Yeghnazar, Elam's founder and director, said the church was being used to provide around 100 hot meals a day to earthquake survivors, as well as distributing hundreds of food parcels around the city and working to provide shelter and begin repairs on the city's water system. Amazingly, none of the church members were harmed during the quake, and they "are eager to do all they can to their neighbors who have suffered," Yeghnazar said.


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