China: New Law Feared to Exacerbate Persecution of Christians

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China: New Law Feared to Exacerbate Persecution of Christians

March 20, 2012

A newly unveiled draft law in China that would legalize the secret detention of suspects seen as a possible threat to national security would make Christian leaders and Christian human rights campaigners likely targets, Inspire Magazine reports. The Criminal Procedure Law, introduced with claims that it would "respect and safeguard human rights," would require police to notify the families of suspects who were detained, but would not obligate authorities to tell suspects' families where they are. "We fear the disappearances [of Christians] are set to continue," said Andy Dipper of Release International. "All too often Christian pastors and human rights activists are regarded as political dissidents and branded a threat to state security. Christians have been arrested, kept under surveillance and even tortured. Christian human rights lawyers have 'disappeared' in an attempt to intimidate and silence them. ... The more Christians and others campaign for basic human freedoms in China, the more the authorities arrest them."


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