Bangladeshi Christian Locked Up, Beaten by His Own Brothers

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Bangladeshi Christian Locked Up, Beaten by His Own Brothers

Bangladeshi believer Nur Hossain was held up by his own brothers on August 13 for choosing to follow Jesus, Open Doors USA reports. A day before, they had requested 30-year-old Hossain to return to their hometown and asked him to retrieve his personal belongings. Hossain obliged, oblivious that it was a trap. "His brothers beat him and locked him up in a room," said a local source, unnamed for security reasons. "They waited to see who would come to his rescue, so they could find out the person who brought Hossain to Christianity." Under such dire circumstances, Hossain was compelled to give the name and mobile number of his pastor. His brothers lost no time and called the pastor, wanting him to come and rescue Hossain. The pastor immediately contacted an Open Doors worker and pleaded for prayers on behalf of Hossain and his family. "Pray for God to strengthen Hossain, who remains locked up," said the Open Doors worker in Bangladesh. "Pray for the pastor who is trying to get the police to help." It was not the first time that Hossain has had a brush with his brothers.


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