8 Presidents Who Looked to God for Guidance

8 Presidents Who Looked to God for Guidance

America has now had 45 presidents in its history. Most of these men have been at least nominally Christian, and none have declared themselves atheists. As this President's Day approaches (on February 20), many Americans think back to the leaders we have had throughout the few centuries since the country's founding. A few presidents particularly stand out for their Christian faith and how they relied on God in times of personal and national crisis. It may be inspiring to read how these men knew that while they themselves had a great deal of power, they too knew who the ultimate authority was and knew they could only succeed in their responsibilities through His guidance.

Here are eight presidents who are particularly noteworthy examples of men of character and faith.

1. George Washington

George Washington was, of course, the first president of the United States. His Christian faith is well-documented in The Writings of George Washington. Washington often made reference to a Divine Authority and to Providence in his speeches and writings. 

According to MountVernon.org, "Washington is reported to have had regular private prayer sessions, and personal prayer was a large part of his life. One well-known report stated that Washington's nephew witnessed him doing personal devotions with an open Bible while kneeling, in both the morning and evening."