World War II

When Pastors Were Spies

The East German secret police, known as the Stasi not only gathered information on millions of civilians following World War II, but they also engaged in domestic espionage that included a highly sophisticated “church department” which, for four decades, used a network of Christian pastors and theology professors as informants.

A Man Who Nearly Died at Pearl Harbor has Been Buried There: An Inspiring Story of Courage that Compels Our Best

More than nine hundred sailors are entombed within the USS Arizona which was sunk during the Pearl Harbor attacks in 1941. The remains of forty-three USS Arizona survivors have been interred there over the years as well. Per his request, an urn containing Bruner’s ashes was placed by divers inside the ship Saturday, the seventy-eighth anniversary of the attack. 

Lauren Bruner will be the final person to be interred on the USS Arizona. The last three living survivors plan to be laid to rest with their families.