Protecting Females in Sports and Just Telling the Truth

women running track, The DOJ backs an new Idaho law preventing transgender girls from competing alongside biological girls

World Rugby was evaluating the idea of letting trangender girls and women compete against biological girls and women in sports. In considering the idea, it appears that World Rugby has decided that trans athletes are at an advantage because of their biological build and will therefore not be permitted to participate in athletic compeitions for genders opposite of thier bological gender.

CA Gov. Approves Law Earmarking Taxpayer Funded Grants for Transgender Surgeries, Hormone Treatments

Gavin Newsom, Newsom approves two laws benefiting the transgender community

California Governor Gavin Newsome recently approved two laws benefiting the transgender community. The first law, allows transgender criminals to choose their gender identity when the are put in the prison system. The second law, earmarks taxpayer funded grants for hospitals to perform hormone treatments and transgender surgeries of patients.

Schools Allowing Boys in Girls’ Sports Are Violating the Law, Even after Court Ruling, Trump Admin. Says

A female track star, female athletes send a letter NCAA

On Monday, the Department of Education issued a letter to the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference insisting that an LGBT rights case from June does not change the department’s position that schools are violating Title IX by allowing transgender girls to compete on girls’ teams.