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Student Complains after Professor Does Not Correct Classmate Claiming 'Only Women Can Have Abortions'

A professor from Iowa State University recently received a complaint after a discussion came up in class about abortion. The student who lodged the complaint said that the professor should have issued a correction when a classmate suggested that only women can have abortions because it “erases trans men and people who are non-binary who get abortions and/or use birth control.”

Seven-Year-Old Son Embroiled in Transgender Court Case Chooses to Attend School as Boy

James was the center of a fierce legal dispute when his mother, Anne Georgulas, wished to transition her son to a girl against his father’s wishes. After a jury agreed to allow Georgulas full consent to socially transition their son, family court Judge Kim Cooks of the 255th District of Texas stepped in to give joint managing conservatorship to both parents.