Super Bowl

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J. LO and Shakira's Super Bowl 'Performance' and Our Culture's Mixed Messages

From the beginning, the sexual revolution has promised women that aggressively flaunting skin and sexuality was empowerment and that divorcing sex from marriage and procreation would be a means to freedom. In reality, it was men who got what they wanted: sexual pleasure without the burden of commitment or requirement of chivalry. For a brief moment a few years ago, it was almost as if that lie had been exposed. More and more women bravely came forward revealing how they’d been treated horrifically as “sexual objects” and such. But if Sunday’s performance is any indication, we have not learned our lesson.

It’s Not Just at the Super Bowl: Understanding the Real Scope of Human Trafficking

If you’ve heard about human trafficking recently, chances are it’s been in connection with the Super Bowl. Simply Google “human trafficking and the Super Bowl” and you’ll render approximately 16 million hits. Every year, as we prepare to watch the big game, we are inundated with news stories of how human trafficking is at a fever pitch.

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