'There Will Be Consequences': Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Warns Rioters to Stay Out of His State

Ron DeSantis Florida governor

At a recent press conference, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned potential rioters to stay out of his state. He noted that anyone who comes to Florida to "harm somebody else" or "harm somebody's property" will face swift consequences. Additionally, DeSantis announced $1,000 checks for every police officer, firefighter, paramedic and EMT in Florida.

Was the Capitol Riot a 'Christian Insurrection'? Why We Must 'Live as Though the Truth Were True'

A man wearing a shirt with a Red Cross at the capitol riots, Was the riot at the Capitol a Christian Insurrection

Faith leaders were “nearly unanimous in condemning” the assault, as NPR reported on January 7. But evangelicals are nonetheless being widely blamed for the riot.

The Washington Post headlined: “Trump’s evangelicals were complicit in the desecration of our democracy.” The Atlantic called the riots “a Christian insurrection” and added, “Many of those who mobbed the Capitol on Wednesday claimed to be enacting God’s will.” Religion News Service stated, “Evangelicals must denounce the Christian nationalism in Capitol riots.” This article is one such denunciation.