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'Religious Liberty Triumphs': Calif. to Pay $2.1 Million for Churches' Legal Fees

The Hollywood Sign, California to pay millions in legal fees to churches

In recent days, California has been ordered to pay $1.6 million in attorney’s fees to settle a lawsuit filed by South Bay United Pentecostal Church over unequal restrictions on houses of worship. It also agreed to pay $550,000 in attorney’s fees to settle a lawsuit filed by a Catholic priest, Father Trevor Burfitt. All total, the state of California owes $2,150,000 in the two cases that were filed by the Thomas More Society.

Does Advocating Religious Liberty Hurt Religious Freedom?

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Sometimes people think that Christians who advocate for religious liberty do so at the cost of their Christian witness. They assume that defending religious freedom is motivated by fear, and distracts from the Gospel. Since Christians are supposed to be fearless and self-sacrificial, doesn’t defending religious liberty compromise our Christian witness? No, and here are three reasons why.