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EEOC: Vaccine Exemptions Must Be Based on 'Sincerely Held' Religious Beliefs, not Politics

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The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has updated its guidance on religious exemptions for workplace vaccine mandates, saying in a new document that requests based on “sincerely held” beliefs must be accommodated, but that federal law does not protect objections based on political and personal views.

Vaccine Exemptions Must Be Based on 'Bona Fide' Religious Objections, Not Politics, ADF Says

COVID-19 vaccine, should Christians take the J&J vaccine?

Alliance Defending Freedom, one of the nation’s most prominent faith-based legal groups, asserted in a new document that Christians requesting an exemption to COVID-19 vaccine mandates should base their objections on a “sincerely held religious belief” and not medical or political concerns.