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Rape Victim's Decision to Choose Life Makes Her the Target of Abortion Activists

Jennifer Christie used her traumatic experience to spread a powerful message about choosing life but has recently found herself the victim of numerous attacks by abortion activists.

After being raped while on a business trip in 2014, she soon learned that she was pregnant and gave birth to a son nine months later. Despite the distressing situation she faced, Christie made the decision to appear in a pro-life video and speak for rape victims who become pregnant and make the choice to keep their babies.

The Christian Institute reports that since she appeared in the pro-life video, Christie has become the target of abortion activists who have put numerous shocking tactics in play. These activists have shared horrific videos showing the rape and mutilation of women, while a separate video depicting strobe lighting was sent to Christie in an effort to provoke her photosensitive epilepsy.

Photo courtesy: Unsplash