President Trump Signs Police Reform Order and Dr. Fauci Predicts When We Will Return to 'Normal': How Awareness Can Lead to Hope

Trump signing an executive order, Trump signs executive order on police reform

May 25 was the day when the world became aware of a reality that already existed. African slaves were first imported into what we know as America four hundred years earlier. Racial minorities have been dealing with discrimination for centuries. If you’re like most of us, you wish we were making more progress than we are on this front.

What Our Cries for Justice Say about God, about Us, and about the World

Ahmaud Arbery Protest, Why churches must make addressing race a priority

The protesting and rioting and angry social media posting and breathless news reporting run the gamut of helpful to unhelpful, righteous anger to unrighteous opportunism. And yet, we are seeing across the nation and around the world, a fundamental feature of humankind and the world we live in. There is an expectation that such a thing as justice exists, and that it should be done.

How to Approach Media with Purpose Rather Than Fear

How to Approach Media with Purpose Rather Than Fear

Given the pervasiveness of media and it’s subtle—yet consistent—influence on our thinking, it’s more important than ever to have a plan in place for how we’ll consume it. To that end, what are some practical steps we can take to guard against the waves of culture slowly ebbing away at our faithfulness to God’s truth without going so far in the opposite direction that we act as though those waves don’t exist?