Alyssa Milano Flooded with Pro-Life Responses to Abortion Promotion

One would not expect to find a litany of pro-life testimonies on Alyssa Milano’s Twitter feed, but the actor inadvertently invited the responses. Milano’s new podcast “Sorry Not Sorry” solicited stories from women who had abortions that Milano could share on the podcast. Milano then shared the tweet from “Sorry Not Sorry” and talked about how many stories she was hearing. This provoked a response from many pro-life women who had stories of their own to share.

Pro-Lifers to Show Public Screening of <em>Unplanned</em> Outside of Planned Parenthood Clinics in Washington D.C.

Pro-life movie Unplanned has exploded into a box office success. After last weekend, CBN reports that total sales have hit $17.2 million. With the success of the movie, supporters are taking it the streets with a special public screening on the front lawn of the Planned Parenthood center in Washington, D.C.