The Latest on the Conflict in Israel and Four Biblical Responses

Bombs going off in Israel, The latest on the Israel-Hamas conflict

Of the nine million people who live in Israel, two million are Arab. Most Jews and Arabs in Israel have learned to live peaceably as neighbors since the State of Israel was founded in 1948. However, the country is now experiencing the worst internal Jewish-Arab conflicts since the last Intifada (“uprising”) in 2000. Here is how Christians can intercede biblically in these tragic days.

Rocket Attacks and Violent Riots Escalating in Jerusalem: The One Pathway to True Peace

Riots in Jerusalem, Conflict breaks out in Jerusalem

As much as I love my Jewish and Palestinian friends in the Holy Land, I am convinced that the solution to their conflict lies with neither. Controlling the city of Jerusalem and its Temple Mount or finding a way for both peoples to live in one tiny region will not create the peace each seeks. This is because we cannot have true peace with each other until we are at peace with God.