A Nature Documentary that Talks about God? That's Filmmaker Nate Wilson's Goal

a tiger drinking water, Filmmaker Nate Wilson works to create a nature documentary that highlights God

Filmmaker Nathan Wilson has a plan to revolutionize the nature documentary genre to highlight God's hand in creation. Partnering with Angel Studios, Wilson is creating the crowdfunded nature series The Riot and the Dance, which will promote and affirm a biblical worldview while showcasing jaw-dropping footage and sounds from around the world.

Animal “Culture”?: Knocking Humans Down a Peg

Animal “Culture”?: Knocking Humans Down a Peg
A recent article in the national magazine of the Sierra Club asked the question, “Does a Bear Think in the Woods?” Beyond the clever play on the old rhetorical question, the article made the remarkable claim that the intelligence of bears, chimpanzees, and other great apes shares “many properties with our own.”