The Latest from Israel: Why Did Jesus Have to Die for Us?

Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be in position to win a fourth consecutive term as prime minister of Israel. As of this morning, 97 percent of the votes have been counted in Israel’s parliamentarian election. As I explained yesterday, no party has ever won a sixty-one-vote majority in the Knesset (their Parliament). The party leader who seems most likely to form a majority coalition with other parties will be given an opportunity to do so.

Israeli Archaeologists Uncover Town Connected to Abraham

Israeli Archaeologists have uncovered an ancient Second Temple-period settlement linked to Abraham. The find, in the city of Beersheva, revealed a rare lamp chard with a nine-branch menorah, one of the earliest ever discovered. Other artifacts include limestone vessels used for purity rituals, bronze coins, a watchtower, and underground tunnels used by Jewish rebels.

Brazilian President Prays at Western Wall with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro prayed at the Western Wall in Jerusalem with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday. The visit to the wall was part of Bolsonaro’s three-day trip to Israel. According to CBN News, it is also the first time a sitting Brazilian president has joined Israeli leaders at the wall in Jerusalem.