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The Key to Serenity in a Chaotic Culture

Joie Henney says his pet, Wally, likes to give hugs. Henney told reporters that his doctor gave him approval to use the five-foot-long alligator for emotional support rather than go on medication for depression. He frequently takes Wally to senior centers and minor-league baseball games. “He’s just like a dog,” he told a woman recently. “He wants to be loved and petted.”

5 Things Christians Need to Know about Indonesia, the Recent Earthquake/Tsunami, and Relief Efforts

On Friday, Indonesia was hit with a massive 7.5 magnitude earthquake that triggered a tsunami with waves reaching up to 20 feet. As of Tuesday, the death toll is around 1,350 people and climbing.

Wednesday afternoon October 3, Indonesia was struck with yet another disaster as a volcano on Sulawesi, one of the Indonesian islands, erupted. According to the Associated Press, Mount Soputan started spewing ash nearly 20,000 feet into the sky. Experts are saying this could be a direct result of the earthquake that happened last week.

As a result of this recent string of disasters on the Indonesian islands, thousands of people have either died or been displaced. The government is now calling for international aid as they race the clock to save lives and honor religious traditions. Incredibly, this story has received relatively little mainstream coverage in the Western hemisphere.

Here are five things you need to know about Indonesia and the Earthquake/Tsunami, including details, demographics, and what you can do to help!

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