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5 Things You May Not Know about Impeachment

Americans have only faced the impeachment of a President three times in the 230 years since the passage of the United States Constitution. Because only three of our forty-five Presidents have faced impeachment proceedings, many misconceptions about the purpose and method for impeaching the President abound. Since we live in a self-governing republic, it is important for citizens to understand the history of, the logic behind, and the procedure for the impeachment process.

 Here are five things that you may not know about impeachment:

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How the <em>Christianity Today&nbsp;</em>Op-Ed Is Dividing Christians

 Christians only seem to be divided because many claiming to be “Christians” are not genuinely saved, or they have a wrong view of government. As a result, their perception of truth is skewed, hence the divide. They are led by Hollywood, not the Holy Spirit. Ironically, Hollywood, liberals and progressives also liked Mark Galli’s op-ed. If Hollywood and the national media are on your side, there’s a problem.