The LGBT Agenda - 10 Things You Need to Know

I recently spoke at a community college in Southern California demonstrating that faith and science are not at odds. In posts leading up to the event, I was labeled a “hate pastor” as LGBT activists protested the event. Sadly, due to escalating campus protests across America, a number of sheriff deputies were on stand-by.

My wife and I were perplexed - when did a message of love become a message of hate? We love the LGBT community and I wasn’t talking about this issue that evening. When my wife approached them, she was attacked verbally - from profanity to sexual innuendos. Ironically, those who promote tolerance are often intolerant of those who disagree.

This experience, as well as an upcoming appearance on Fox News.com with Lauren Green to debate a pastor who supports homosexuality, prompted me to define the misunderstandings.

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10 Things Christian Leaders Had to Say on the Issue of Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is a hotly debated topic in our society today and also in the church. It was fiercely debated in individual states, and even though the Supreme Court legalized it nationwide in 2015, the debate continues. Christians in positions of authority who are respected and followed by many have also engaged in this debate. Because of the platforms that they have, these Christian leaders' beliefs on homosexuality and same-sex marriage are particularly influential. Below are quotes from 10 different Christian leaders on this issue.

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