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Beware These 7 Gospel-Distortions

Beware These 7 Gospel-Distortions

Editor's note: Though this article was written primarily for women in ministry, there are truths here that go beyond gender or calling. We hope you're able to heed these warnings—and embrace God's truth—in place of the counterfeit gospels that surround us today. The author, Kristen Wetherell, is a writer, Bible teacher, and the content manager at Unlocking the Bible.

A dear friend of mine worked in a bank overseas for about a year, handling large amounts of money. During training, she had to study various bills and learn their details so she could easily discern counterfeits if they came along.

She studied the real thing so she could identify distortions.

The same goes for the gospel of Jesus Christ. As leaders in the church, we want to be women equipping women to know the gospel so we can identify false “gospels” and grasp how the truth applies to our lives.

But where do we start?