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Why We Support the Philadelphia Statement

Cancel Culture, Biblical responses to cancel culture

“Freedom of expression is in crisis,” the Philadelphia Statement begins. “Truly open discourse—the debates, exchange of ideas, and arguments on which the health and flourishing of a democratic republic crucially depend—is increasingly rare. Ideologues demonize opponents to block debates on important issues and to silence people with whom they disagree.”

This paragraph is an answer to the well-meaning Christians who, at times, ask whether it is appropriate to be involved in “political debates” over things like free speech or religious freedom. Part of the Christian’s calling is to steward and protect good things. Freedom of expression is one of those good things, and not just for us.

Christian Videographers Get a Win for Free Speech in Minnesota

Christian Videographers Get a Win for Free Speech in Minnesota
While they do business with anyone regardless of race, sex, gender, etc., the couple will not create videos that "contradict biblical truth; promote sexual immorality; support the destruction of unborn children; promote racism or racial division; incite violence; degrade women; or promote any conception of marriage other than as a lifelong institution between one man and one woman."