Baptist Watchdog Flunks Forever 21, Praises H&M in Annual 'Ethical Fashion' Report

People sewing, Baptist watchdog flunks Forever 21 and praises H&M in annual ‘Ethical Fashion’ report

The fashion industry continues to struggle with wage gaps and sustainability, according to a report from an Australian Christian watchdog group. The Baptist World Aid Australia’s 2021 Ethical Fashion Report scorecard rated roughly 100 fashion companies, which averaged a score of 33.6 out of 100 compared with all industries the group tracks.

The Misguided Effort to Tame Pornography

A person on a computer, the misguided effort to tame pornography

There is no such thing as “ethical porn use.” Porn is premised on the notion that human beings can be abstracted from their personhood and consumed as collections of body parts. Porn assumes and trains consumers to believe that people are products to be bought and sold, and then discarded with the click of a mouse or the flick of a finger.

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