Why Marx Gets a Pass

Karl Marx, Why does Marx get a pass?

Perhaps the most important lesson we can take from the embrace of Marxism is that when it comes to the ideas that populate our worldviews, it’s not enough that they sound nice and feel right. Ideas wouldn’t matter if they stayed in slogans and manifestos. But they don’t. They grow feet and hands, drive armies and policy, and have consequences for real people in the real world.

Cuba's Communism Is Cracking

Cuba's Communism Is Cracking

We should continue to pray and advocate for the people of Cuba in any way we can. And, we should take seriously the advice offered by Cuban-American Mike Gonzalez, in a recent interview on a World News Group podcast, when asked how Americans can help. Gonzalez said, “Ultimately, what Americans can do is remain free. We must remain free ourselves. We cannot help anybody, we’re not going to be the symbol of anything if we don’t ourselves remain free … America must continue to be the beacon of freedom.”

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