Bible translations

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Wycliffe Accepts Panel Recommendations on Controversial Muslim-Context Bible Translation

After a year's work, a World Evangelical Alliance panel has released its report on the Muslim-context translation practices of Wycliffe Bible Translators and its partner SIL International. Wycliffe requested the audit of its policies after controversy erupted last year over the world's premier translator supporting translations that altered the phrases "Son of God" and "God the Father" in Muslim contexts.

Does It Matter Which Bible We Use?

The Old Testament was written in the language of its writers, which was Hebrew, and the New Testament was written in the language of its writers -- or at least the dominant language of commerce and culture -- which was Greek. The Bibles we read are translations of those languages into the English language. So does it matter which Bible we use?

Cambodian Refugee Turns Tale of Survival into Audio Ministry Reaching Thousands

68-year-old Maly moved in the highest echelons of Cambodian society, worked in fields under the Khmer Rouge, traversed Cambodia’s jungle with two young children in tow, was captured in a Thai prison and separated from her children, and was exiled to Long Beach as a refugee. Now she is working to create the only audio recording of the Bible in Khmer.

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