Aurora shooting

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Aurora Shooting Victim Makes Miraculous Recovery

Petra Anderson's pastor calls it "nothing short of a miracle." Petra was shot four times during the Colorado midnight shootings and even had a bullet lodged in her brain. But praise God she is completely recovered and out of the hospital just a few short days later!

4 Boyfriends Lay Down Their Lives for Their Girlfriends in Colorado Movie Shooting

The four men that walked into that Colorado movie theater that fateful night didn't hesitate to lay down their lives for the ones they loved. Each of the boyfriends used their bodies to deliberately take the bullets that would have been received by their beloved girlfriends. They will be eternally remembered as heroes and are a shining example of God's word: "Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends" (John 15:13).

Aurora, Jessica Redfield and the Uncertainty of Life

Hours after the Aurora theater shootings, photos of aspiring sportscaster Jessica Redfield, among other victims, were circulating the internet. Redfield’s final blog post garnered attention throughout the world. It’s a post that reminds us all of the reality of uncertainty, the importance of gratitude, and the amazing gift of life.

So This Time It's in Aurora

I realize that gratuitous video violence did not directly or independently cause James Holmes to purchase weapons and murder theater patrons. On the other hand, violence in media along with other cultural influences have set the dividing line between acceptable and deviant extremely low.

Colorado Church Prays for Movie Gunman

Hearts broke around the world at the horrifying news of the Colorado movie shooting last week and there are still many unanswered questions as to how someone could do something so evil. Loving father Gordon Cowden was one of the 12 that lost their lives that night and he attended Colorado Community Church in Aurora, Colo. As the church mourns the loss of their friend and brother, they also did something that would be very difficult for all of us to do in the face of such anguish.

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