Mexico Rejects Abortion Imperialism

A pregnant woman, Mexico Rejects Abortion Imperialism

“The issue of abortion,” says Obianuju Ekeocha, the founder of Culture of Life Africa, “has already been decided by many African countries (who) have decided that abortion is an attack on human life at its earliest stages.” On top of that, African culture includes a strong preference for large families.

Rejecting African values and culture, Western abortion advocates instead parallel the worst colonialists of the 19th-Century who claimed to bring “Civilization, Christianity, and Commerce” to unenlightened natives.

Planned Parenthood Should Cancel More Than Margaret Sanger

Planned Parenthood Should Cancel More Than Margaret Sanger

Removing Margaret Sanger’s name from a building in New York only actually means something in a time like ours, of low-stakes, symbolic gestures like erasing a name or disinviting a controversial speaker to a university. It’s the very definition of virtue signaling, a word I hate but which aptly describes what Planned Parenthood is doing here: “canceling” Margaret Sanger while still perpetuating the exact racist population control for which she is being canceled.