These are the Top 10 Christian Films of 2017

These are the Top 10 Christian Films of 2017

2016 saw the release of several noteworthy Christian films on a variety of subjects, and 2017 continued the trend! Each one communicates themes of faith, love, and hope in unique ways and includes casts of talented actors. Whatever kind of movies you like to watch, there is likely one for you on this list. If you are looking for some family-friendly, inspiring entertainment, be sure to check these films out and let us know which is your favorite!

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  • 10. Mully

    10. Mully

    Mully is based on the true story of Dr. Charles Mully, a celebrated social entrepreneur and founder of Mully Children's Family. Mully himself grew up as an orphan and a beggar, and although he became wealthy and successful, he felt a pull to go back to where he was from and minister to those in poverty and give them the hope he had found. Entertainment Editor Ryan Duncan described the film this way:

    "Mully is the rare sort of documentary which shakes its viewers into action. Through inspiration and honesty, it reminds us that no real change can be effected without faith, bravery and hard work. If we hope to build a better world, we must first learn to love our neighbor."


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  • 9. The Good Catholic

    9. The Good Catholic

    The Good Catholic tells the story of a young priest who has a lot of searching to do. A young woman who comes to him to confess her sins makes him question whether he truly wants to be a priest or if his life is meant to go in a different direction. contributor Christian Hamaker writes, "A religious drama with elements of romantic comedy, this light-on-its-feet tale of spiritual struggle is rarely anguished, even as the story focuses on a priest's crisis of faith (basically, whether or not he should be a priest). That shouldn't be a problem for viewers caught up in this well told, affecting tale."


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  • 8. Is Genesis History?

    8. Is Genesis History?

    Dr. Del Tackett leads this documentary making the case for Creation and a young earth. The documentary takes viewers on a tour of many beautiful locatons throughout the U.S. Dr. Tackett's way of explaining the scientific evidence is thoughtful and enlightening. Managing Editor Shawn McEvoy had high praise for the film:

    "Fascinating - and quite beautiful - from opening to closing, Is Genesis History? is a necessary multi-tool in the kit of anyone who hopes to believe more deeply in - and communicate more knowledgeably about - the possibility of a young Earth and the reliability of the Bible's creation account."




  • 7. On Wings of Eagles

    7. On Wings of Eagles

    Many people will likely be familiar with the famous film Chariots of Fire which tells the inspiring story of runner/missionary Eric Liddell, but this film takes up Liddell's story after his victorious Olympic games in 1924.

    Liddell returns to China where he was born, but the successes he achieved back in Europe soon fade as he is faced with some of the most severe trials of his life. Managing Editor Shawn McEvoy said, "I can't think of an audience or group I would discourage from seeing this film. More to the point, I'd merely suggest that expectations be tempered in the storytelling and inspiration departments. And if you haven't seen Chariots of Fire, definitely see that first."


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  • 6. The Star

    6. The Star

    The Star is a light-hearted film that tells the story of Jesus' birth from the perspective of the animals who were present, voiced by a host of talented actors.

    Ryan Duncan notes, "Thanks to a grand ensemble of voice actors, The Star becomes an upbeat Christmas story the whole family can appreciate. Children will be delighted by the animated shenanigans and adults can rest easy through this perfectly palatable movie experience."


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  • 5. A Question of Faith

    5. A Question of Faith

    Characters from different walks of life end up crossing paths in this drama with spiritual themes. From health problems to car accidents to hopes for the future, these characters' lives intersect in ways that are ultimately shown to be all part of God's plan.

    Christian Hamaker notes, "Viewers who responded to God's Not Dead and Do You Believe? get another providential plot in A Question of Faith, which works despite somewhat awkwardly incorporating texting-and-driving and organ donation into its story of sanctification and salvation."


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  • 4. The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

    4. The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

    This film tells the story of a former child star who becomes a Christian. Gavin Stone's troubled past lands him in community service at a church where he ends up auditioning for a passion play directed by the pastor's prickly daughter. Gavin's lack of faith complicates their relationship, his status in the play, as well as Gavin's relationship with God and his own father.

    "With a degree of charm and self-parody, The Resurrection of Gavin Stone overcomes a few early clumsy spots to become something of a touchstone in the evolution of faith-based filmmaking," writes Shawn McEvoy.


  • 3. Same Kind of Different As Me

    3. Same Kind of Different As Me

    Ron Hall, the main character of this film, seems to have it all: a good job, enough money, a great family, but this charmed life quickly falls apart when Ron's wife, Debbie, discovers he has been having an affair. Despite her grief, Debbie wants to salvage their marriage and drags Ron along to a local homeless shelter where she ministers. It is in this homeless shelter that Ron meets a man who is part of God's plan to change his heart.

    This film "reminds us that we are all treasured members of God's human family," writes Ryan Duncan.


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  • 2. All Saints

    2. All Saints

    All Saints is also based on a true story. Pastor Michael Spurlock has been newly appointed to lead a small church in rural Tennessee, but that is only the beginning of his adventure. Although the congregation is small and located in small town, God has big things planned for Spurlock and this group of believers.

    Ryan Duncan notes: "Artfully blending family-friendly entertainment with deeply personal questions of faith, All Saints not only succeeds as a compelling movie, but also demonstrates what the Church can accomplish when fully invested in a community."


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  • 1. The Case for Christ

    1. The Case for Christ

    The Case for Christ is based on the true story of popular Christian author and apologist Lee Strobel who was once an atheist journalist and who wrote a book of the same title.

    Strobel starts off attempting to disprove the Resurrection of Jesus, but gets more than he bargained for in the process.

    "The latest entry from Pure Flix Entertainment, The Case for Christ breaks the mold of Christian films, delivering a rich and compelling narrative along with the steadfast message of Christ's love," writes Ryan Duncan.


  • Bonus: The Shack

    Bonus: The Shack

    Although The Shack did not officially make our list and is a controversial film for many Christians, its popularity and themes of faith are worth noting.'s review of The Shack even became our most-read movie review ever, with Christians weighing in strongly both in favor of and against the film. Family Editor Carrie Dedrick writes, "After months of both anticipation and controversy, The Shack (based on William P. Young's 2007 bestseller) underwhelmed. While I won't be singing its praises or seeing it a second time, I can't come down too hard on it either since some seekers might emerge from the theater wanting to learn more about God."


    Publication date: January 5, 2018