Billy Graham the Author: Here are 13 of His Best Books

Billy Graham the Author: Here are 13 of His Best Books
The Rev. Billy Graham, who passed away on Wednesday, February 21, was most known for his ministry--his evangelistic Crusades and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. The world has hardly seen a more influential evangelist since the days of the early apostles. Graham influenced millions of people for Christ.

Preaching and speaking was not his only impact on the world, however. Over the course of six decades, Billy Graham published more than 30 books that address a range of issues from salvation to angels to heaven to Armageddon. He also wrote an autobiography. This is a sampling of his works, many of which were best-sellers and award winners:

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  • 1. "Peace with God"--1953

    In Peace with God Billy Graham asks God to help this book “find its way into the hands and hearts of a lost, confused, and searching world . . . men, women, and young people everywhere [who] thirst for peace with God.”

    In spite of a life drenched with responsibilities and rewards, are you thirsting? Searching for some nameless thing that is more important than anything in life? You are not alone. All mankind is seeking the answer to the confusion, the moral sickness, the spiritual emptiness that oppresses the world. All humanity is crying out for guidance, for comfort . . .for peace.

    Reverend Graham shares God’s gentle, reassuring promise of spiritual calm—of authentic personal peace—amidst a personal life wracked with too much stress, too many burdens, too great a heartache.

    “I know men who would write a check for a million dollars if they could find peace,” writes Reverend Graham. “Millions are searching for it. But we Christians have found it! It is ours now and forever. We have found the secret of life! . . .When your spouse dies or your children get sick or you lose your job, you can have a peace that you don’t understand. You may have tears at a graveside, but you can have an abiding peace, a quietness.

    “God’s peace can be in your heart—right now . . .Whatever the circumstances, whatever the call, whatever the duty, whatever the price, whatever the sacrifice—His strength will be your strength in your hour of need. “It’s all yours, and it’s free. You don’t have to work for it . . . . Do not put it off.”


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  • 2. "The Secret of Happiness"--1955

    Happiness. It's what we all long for, what all human beings seek in our jobs, our relationships, our activities. We try so hard to be happy, and all too often we end up empty and unsatisfied. Why? Because, says Billy Graham in this classic work, we are looking for happiness in all the wrong places.

    We haven't learned the secret Jesus taught in the Beatitudes – that true, lasting happiness simply isn't to be found by seeking it directly. Happiness is a by-product, a bonus that comes when we seek what is really important. And the things that will bring us the satisfaction we long for are not necessarily what the world considers meaningful.

    Jesus did not have to have an outward stimulus to make Him happy, Billy Graham points out. "He had learned a secret that allowed Him to live above the circumstances of life and fear of the future. He moved with calmness, certainty, and serenity through the most trying circumstances – even death! What was His secret? He gave it to us in the Beautitudes."

    Presented with Billy Graham's characteristic vigor and simplicity in this landmark book, it is a secret that can transform your life.


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  • 3. "World Aflame"--1965

    This book is the heartfelt expression of the world-famous evangelist's concern over the world's despair; a Christian analysis of a world filled with riots, demonstrations, threats, wars, and rebellion against authority — divine as well as human.

    Billy Graham examines the cause of the world's tensions against the background of his own rich experience — years of travelling all over the world and meeting with world leaders.

    He seeks to answer the questions we all ask as we keep watching the unfolding crises of our times: What is the cause? What has happened to our world? Can we do anything about it?

    He acknowledges the answers proffered by economists, diplomats, educators and sociologists of this world. But he does not agree with them. His answers — in fact, his whole book — are based on the Biblical philosophy of man and of history.

    "The more I have travelled," says the evangelist, "the more convinced I have become that the Biblical revelation of man, his origin, his present predicament, and his destiny is true."

    WORLD AFLAME is frightening. It fully accepts the Biblical prophecy that the world as we know it will come to an end before a new world of peace and righteousness comes into being.

    WORLD AFLAME is hard-hitting. Billy Graham minces no words in describing the morass of modern morality, the inadequacy of modern theology, the idolatry of men and nations worshipping false gods like Technology and Sex, which forebode a climactic end.

    WORLD AFLAME is forthright. Billy Graham warns that Christians, if they really want to live up to the teachings of Christ, must act on social issues like desegregation as well as on matters of personal ethics.

    WORLD AFLAME is controversial. "This book," states Billy Graham, "is intentionally controversial. I hope that something of what I have written will shock readers out of apathy into the reality of our desperate condition individually and socially."


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  • 4. "Angels: God's Secret Agents"--1975

    Dr. Billy Graham says, "Angels have a much more important place in the Bible than the devil and his demons." In this classic, Dr. Graham combines the fascinating experiences of those who are certain they have been attended by angels with what the Bible says about angels from on high. Here is ringing assurance to all Christians that through angels God is present for His People. We can take comfort in the fact that, with the host of angels at God's call, we are not alone. Be encouraged by this book on God's Secret Agents.


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  • 5. "The Holy Spirit: Activating God's Power in Your Life"--1978

    With prayerful reverence and focused wisdom, Dr. Graham puts an understandable face on this mysterious third Person of the Trinity: The Holy Spirit is "not an impersonal force, like gravity or magnetism. He is a Person, with all the attributes of personality. But not only is He a Person, He is divine as well.

    Exciting, revolutionary power is available exclusively to you as a Christian . . . It is the supernatural power:

    • To transform human nature
    • To be the salt of the earth, and the light of the world
    • To bring about a dramatic but peaceful revolution in those around you
    • To face any crisis

    You cannot buy this extraordinary power, nor can you find it by searching the earth for it. As a Christian it resides in you already, an awesome gift from God that you have only to claim and use once you know and accept its Source.

    Christians are powerful people, Billy Graham reminds us in this inspiring and insightful book, because "we have the mighty power of God available to us through . . . the Holy Spirit," He comes to us with no conditions attached. Jesus simply said, "If I go, I will send Him to you."

    Read this amazing book and see anew how this Person can transform your life and give you the power "to be truly good" and "to live victoriously."


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  • 6. "Approaching Hoofbeats: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse"--1983

    'They come as a warning, and grow louder by the day, ' says Billy Graham, who equates the ancient symbols with the modern terrors that pursue us: war, violence, deception, economic chaos, unemployment, poverty, hunger, disease and death. But for those who will heed the warning, Dr. Graham's message is one of hope - practical, creative and clear direction for men and women, young and old who will read and be transformed by this book.


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  • 7. "Facing Death and the Life After"--1987

    Our culture trains us to prepare for almost everything but death. Fear and denial are common human responses to the subject, What awaits us beyond this life? It is a journey into the unknown, or a glorious, spiritual pilgrimage to eagerly anticipate?

    In Death and the Life After, Billy Graham answers these questions and more, addressing such complex modern day issues as euthanasia, suicide, and living wills. Dr. Graham objectively and compassionately:

    • Shares biblical secrets to finding peace and vicotry in the midst of suffering
    • Presents real life testimonies of courageous men and women facing death
    • Answers questions about the process of dying
    • Teaches practical, loving ways to comfort those facing death
    • Gives practial advice on preparing a will and planning a funeral

    Find peace, assurance, triumph, and even humor in a subject which is important to everyone.


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  • 8. "Answers to Life's Problems"--1988

    Imagine being able to sit down with Billy Graham and ask him for advice. In response to thousands of letters, Billy Graham offers guidance and answers to the most-often asked questions about every aspect of life, including relationships, ethics, psychological problems and spirituality.

    Graham was known for the Q&A section on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's website, and this book serves as a precurser to this online access to Graham's wisom.


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  • 9. "Just As I Am"--1997

    In this account of his life, Billy Graham shares how he came from ordinary beginnings to have an extraordinary life of prestige and influence - all derived from his unshakable belief in Christ. This is a look into Graham's life from the evangelist himself. Graham wrote this book when he was 79, so he had the majority of his life to look back on and reflect on what he had accomplished and what God had taught him.


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  • 10. "Hope for Each Day: Words of Wisdom and Faith"--2002

    Leading inspirational author and pastor Billy Graham shares words of wisdom and inspiration for hope-filled living every morning and evening.

    Billy Graham has touched millions of lives by sharing the truth of the gospel. Now, by combining his popular devotionals Hope for Each Day and Wisdom for Each Day, this special morning and evening devotional will help readers stay close to the Lord throughout the day. Each morning readers can prepare their heart and mind for what lies ahead, and then process the day’s events every evening in the presence and fullness of His grace. It’s a beautiful means for abiding more in the One who is our true hope for each day.


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  • 11. "The Journey: How to Live by Faith in an Uncertain World"--2005

    Billy Graham is respected and loved around the world. And this work is his magnum opus, the culmination of a lifetime of experience and ministry!

    Chapter by chapter, Graham leads us on a journey in faith. We learn about God and his purpose for our lives; who Jesus is and what he has done for us. We are reminded of the things God has given us to live successfully: the Bible, the privilege of prayer, fellowship and the church, and the Holy Spirit. We learn to deal with challenges along the way: temptation, wrong thoughts and motives, emotions that can defeat us, habits that destroy our spirit, and what to do when life turns against us. And we are given practical advice on knowing God's will, making right decision, strengthening our marriages, being wise parents, and using our gifts to share Christ with others.

    With insight that only comes from a life spent with God, The Journey is filled with wisdom, encouragement, hope, and inspiration for anyone who wants to live a happier, more fulfilling life.


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  • 12. "Nearing Home: Life, Faith and Finishing Well"--2011

    New York Times best-seller and 2012 ECPA Book of the Year.*

    Join Billy Graham as he shares the challenges of fading strength but still standing strong in his commitment to finishing life well.

    Growing old has been the greatest surprise of my life,” said Billy Graham, known by many as God’s Ambassador. “I would have never guessed what God had in store for me, and I know that as I am nearing home, He will not forsake me the last mile of the way.”

    Nearing Home, written by Billy Graham in his nineties, explores the challenges of aging while gleaning foundational truths from Scripture. Billy Graham invites us to journey with him as he considers the golden years while anticipating the hope of being reunited with his wife, Ruth, in his heavenly home that eclipses this world. “When granted many years of life, growing old in age is natural, but growing old with grace is a choice,” said the author. “Growing older with grace is possible for all who will set their hearts and minds on the Giver of grace, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

    But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God. —Acts 20:24 (ESV)

    “Explore with me not only the realities of life as we grow older but also the hope and fulfillment and even joy that can be ours once we learn to look at these years from God’s point of view and discover His strength to sustain us every day.” —BILLY GRAHAM


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  • 13. "The Reason for My Hope: Salvation"--2013

    The saving message of the Gospel is the heartbeat of this preacher and evangelist. Millions around the world heard Billy Graham proclaim this unchanging truth. He never forgot the transformation of his own life, when he first said yes to God’s gift of salvation, and he witnessed multitudes turn their hearts to the God of Hope.

    What is the most hopeful word in History? For Billy Graham, that word is SALVATION.

    Billy Graham proclaimed God's Gospel with resolve and deep compassion. It is a message he preached for more than seventy years. And in this book you will sense its urgency, filled with hope for the future. 

    Salvation is what we all long for, when we are lost or in danger or have made a mess of our lives. And salvation belongs to us, when we reach out for the only One who can rescue us—Jesus.

    The Reason for My Hope: Salvation presents the essence of that transformative message. It is biblical and timeless, and though simple and direct, it is far from easy. There are hard words, prophetic words, directed toward a culture that denies the reality of sin and distracts us from the veracity of Hell. But through its ominous warnings shines a light that cannot be extinguished—a beacon of hope that Jesus came “to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10).


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