8 Patriots Who Put Their Faith First

8 Patriots Who Put Their Faith First
As Memorial Day approaches, many of us are reflecting on the sacrifices made by so many to preserve our freedom and liberty. Throughout American history, so many patriots have served their country with bravery, commitment, and unparalleled dedication. Here are just 10 of these noteworthy individuals, from various time periods and various walks of life. They are both men and women, and both those who were actually enlisted in the military and those who served their country in other ways. They all, however, share a deep love for country and a firm commitment to their Christian faith.

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1. George Washington

George Washington is the first patriot that comes to mind for many when they consider America's founding. From his leadership of the Continental Army to his role as the first president of the United States, his patriotism is unparalled. He was also a man of faith. He was committed to his Anglican church in Northern Virginia and praised the Church's "laudable endeavors to render men sober, honest, and good citizens, and the obedient subjects of a lawful government."


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