5 Crucial Things Christians Should Know about ISIS

5 Crucial Things Christians Should Know about ISIS
The name “ISIS” has been a dominant presence in the news in recent times, but the frequency with which we hear this name does not always equal understanding of it. Johnnie Moore, former campus pastor at Liberty University and author of Defying ISIS, provides insight into five crucial things Christians should know about the terrorist organization so that we can better understand world events.

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1. What are the origins of ISIS?

Moore states that “ISIS has been around in some form for at least a decade.”

Moore goes on to say that “They are not a new threat. They are an old threat that the United Stated underestimated, and now they control one contiguous piece of land larger than the United Kingdom and have affiliates in at least 30 countries.”

Malcolm Nance, a counterterrorism consultant, adds that “ISIS is a child of the invasion of Iraq” and “is the fifth generation of al-Qaeda.” 

Nance also said that the Syrian Civil War gave ISIS the political climate it needed to grow into the organization it is now.


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