10 Things You Should Know about North Korea

10 Things You Should Know about North Korea
North Korea is a country surrounded by a lot of myths. While most people likely know that North Korea is ruled by a dictator and is not a place most people have any desire to visit, actual knowledge about the country is often scarce.

It's important, however, to understand the history of this country and what it is really like for its citizens in order to better understand events going on in the world, as well as to understand how to pray for this country, where God has many people, despite the intense persecution Christians there receive.

Additionally, since North Korea has been surfacing more frequently in the news lately, it is especially important to get some backstory on North Korea's threat of missiles and nuclear weapons. The following will provide you with some basic information on this hermit country.

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1. Division

North and South Korea, although vastly different today, used to be part of the same country. The entire Korean Peninsula was annexed by Japan in 1910. The beginning of how the Korean Peninsula was broken up into North and South began with World War II. After Japan was defeated, U.S. troops landed in the South and Soviet forces landed in the North. The country was broken up at the 38th parallel. The U.S. influenced the South's new government while the Soviets influenced the North's. A communist dictator Kim Il-Sung, emerged as leader of the newly-established Democratic People's Republic of Korea. 


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