10 Christian Mothers Who Set Godly Examples

10 Christian Mothers Who Set Godly Examples
Mother's Day is soon approaching which gives us a chance to reflect on our thankfulness for mothers and the influential part they play in our lives. A Godly mother is someone to be especially thankful for and someone who certainly deserves to be celebrated and honored! The following are 10 mothers from Bible times up through the present who took their work as a mother and as a follower of Jesus very seriously. Perhaps you will be able to see some attributes of your own mother in them or will be inspired by them in your own journey in motherhood.

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1. Mary, the mother of Jesus

Jesus' mother Mary is certainly one of the most famous (if not the most famous) mothers of all time. She was thrust into motherhood without much preparation, yet she accepted the task with grace and humility. These qualities are surely main reasons why God chose her to be the mother of His Son!


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