News and Commentary Update

Fighting the Good Fight of Faith in a 'Woke' World

If everything must be sacrificed to your ideology, then it’s much more than a cause that demands justice. It’s an idol that demands worship.

Reclaiming the Personal Connections We Were Created for

When our lives are stripped of tangible connections with our neighbors, our neighborhoods, and our families, we lose sight of many things that matter. 

The Truth about Selflessness in a Relatively Fickle World

Truth is truth, but our world and our enemy would love for us to believe it's relative and optionally applicable.

Hamas' Cinematic Charade: Unraveling the 'Pallywood' Propaganda

Pallywood productions are received, celebrated, and shared around the world today, and people accept them as if it’s video and historical gospel rather than the fake productions they are.

Protecting Women from a Deadly War Tactic

Misogyny and cultural “norms” subjugating women are widespread in much of the Islamic world.  

The Current Hostage Crisis and Our Destiny as Christ Followers

The only remedy for the sinful human heart is one illustrated by the hostages-for-prisoners exchanges over the weekend: trading the innocent for the guilty to free the latter through the suffering of the former.

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