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VP Candidates Debut with Campaign Repeats

Katherine Britton | Crosswalk.com News & Culture Editor | Friday, October 3, 2008

VP Candidates Debut with Campaign Repeats

October 2, 2008

When the vice-presidential nominees took the stage tonight for their first and only debate, Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden reiterated their respective campaigns' mottos and themes.

Biden continually hammered Palin and Sen. John McCain for a repeat of "failed" Bush policies and lack of specifics, while Palin accused the Obama ticket of major tax hikes and wanting to raise "a white flag of surrender in Iraq."

Moderator Gwen Ifill first pushed the candidates to elaborate their positions on the rescue bill that made it through the Senate, and the candidates set their different tones in their answers.

"Go to a kids' soccer game on Saturday and turn to any parent on the sideline, and I bet you're going to hear fear in that parent's voice," Palin said, answering why she supports the legislation.

"If you need any more positive proof of how bad the economic policies have been ... I don't think you need any more evidence than you see now," Biden said, blaming Bush policies that McCain supported for too much deregulation.

Palin continually turned questions back to the importance of drilling and energy independence, while Biden reiterated the priority of Afghanistan over Iraq. Biden also added questions of funding about McCain's health care policy, saying the plan actually took away real support for families.

Prior to the debate, many wondered if Gov. Sarah Palin would be stumped as she had in recent interviews, or if Sen. Joe Biden could avoid another gaffe and going overtime. While neither candidate won their party the election, they at least succeeded in avoiding personal weaknesses and focusing on their own priorities.