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Michael Medved: Statistics Destroy Pro-Abortion Argument

Salem Radio Commentary

Michael Medved: Statistics Destroy Pro-Abortion Argument

I recently had the opportunity to give the pro-life community some good news worth celebrating. As keynote speaker before the National Right to Life Convention, I pointed out that abortion peaked more than 20 years ago, when a shocking one of every three pregnancies ended with this procedure. 

Today, the percentage of pregnancies ending with abortion is less than one in four. Amazingly enough, statistics show that at the same time abortion is going down, out-of-wedlock birth is also going down-thereby destroying the most prominent argument for abortion on demand. 

The so-called pro-choice movement has always used the slogan "Every Child A Wanted Child"-suggesting that abortion would prevent unwanted kids from growing up in unfortunate circumstances. But after Roe v. Wade, births to unwed mothers skyrocketed-from 8 percent to 33 percent! Abortion-on-demand encouraged irresponsible behavior by promising sex without consequences.

Only now, with growing public revulsion toward abortion, has a new culture of responsibility begun to emerge. 

I'm Michael Medved.