Media Spin, John Kerry, and Other Election Tidbits

James L. Lambert | Agape Press | Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Media Spin, John Kerry, and Other Election Tidbits

November 2, 2004

Conservatives, beware. During the course of the next 48 hours, the media will spin and pontificate more than they have in the last three years.

This group -- consisting of the major television networks (ABC, NBC, and ABC), the majority of the newspapers across America (NY Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, Boston Herald, Washington Post, and hundreds of papers across the U.S.), most cable television media groups (MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, MTV, VH1, Oxygen channel, Playboy Channel, etc.) and the majority of the national news magazines (Time, Newsweek, etc.) -- desperately wants to see President Bush defeated in this election.

These pundits have no shame. If it is politically expedient to them, they will treat rumors as truth and truth as rumors (or even some "right-wing" conspiracy theory). If they don't like the polling results, you can count on them to bend the facts to their political persuasion, which is for the most part liberal. Past internal polling of reporters from these major media groups have shown that they are hostile to conservatives and people of faith. Just remember this when you listen to their spin on Tuesday night: look through it and don't let them discourage you!

Out-Sourcing 'Outed'

During the last nine months, we have heard presidential candidate John Kerry repeatedly lament that the president is responsible for "out-sourcing" American jobs. What he has failed to mention, however, is that H.J. Heinz -- a company his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, has a large ownership interest in -- has more than 50 subsidiaries and other related companies overseas that have out-sourced jobs for years.

H.J. Heinz company has many interests abroad that have contributed to this. They include subsidiaries and holdings in numerous countries -- France, Spain, Russia, Egypt, Germany, Belgium, Israel, England, Italy, Ireland, Canada,  Venezuela, Canada, Costa Rica, Greece, Poland, Japan, Peoples Republic of China, Korea, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and more. Heinz Europe has ten factories in the United Kingdom and Ireland alone.

Many of the above-mentioned sites of these subsidiaries incorporate the Heinz name into their corporate name. Nationally syndicated radio talk-show host Michael Medved claims that 70 percent of Heinz's international workforce is "out-sourced."

According to the senator's political rhetoric, his own wife is guilty of out-sourcing.  Certainly this should highlight to voters the hypocrisy of Kerry's accusations against President Bush.

No 'Middle-Class' Man Is He

Senator Kerry also is trying to promote himself as a candidate who is fighting for the ordinary middle class and who opposes tax cuts that help the so-called "rich, small business entrepreneurs" of America. It is important to take a close look at the lifestyle of this candidate -- a multimillionaire who I believe is out of touch with the "little people."

John Forbes Kerry, who has long been considered one of the wealthiest men among a rich group of U.S. senators, has always been a man of privilege. He has lived in New England as well as overseas. He has attended the best parochial schools.

The man owns five mansions in this country alone -- in the exclusive neighborhood of Beacon Hill in Boston, in Nantucket, Massachusetts, in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, in Georgetown (Washington, DC), and a resort mansion in Ketchum, Idaho. These properties range in value from $3.5 million to $9 million.

He also is well known for a 20-year record of tax-and-spend voting, which results in more tax burdens on a middle class that cannot afford them.

Consider these aspects of Kerry's life the next time you hear him make condescending remarks about the middle-class working people of America.


James L. Lambert, a frequent contributor to AgapePress, is the author of Porn in America (Huntington House), which can be purchased through the American Family Association. He is a licensed real-estate mortgage loan sales agent and can be contacted through his website (

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