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Marriage, Traditionally Understood

Hugh Hewitt | Salem Radio Commentary | Thursday, September 30, 2004

Marriage, Traditionally Understood

September 30, 2004
Today, the United States House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on whether or not to protect marriage by passing the Marriage Protection Amendment and sending it to the United States Senate.

The vote would not amend the Constitution.

It would only allow the states to debate whether or not to do so, but it is the first step in allowing the states to consider the issue.

Overwhelming majorities of Americans have passed amendments to state constitutions to protect traditional marriage.

Nearly 80 percent of Louisiana voters voted yes to such a proposition just this month.

Advocates of the House proposal want all states to be given the opportunity to be heard on amending the Federal Constitution. 

Go to Crosswalk.com today and click on the "Action Alert" for information on contacting your representative.

Demand a yes vote on the marriage protection amendment, and don't be confused by bogus arguments saying the issue should be left to the states.

Judges are issuing decrees striking at the millennia-old understanding of marriage, and positive action to amend the United States Constitution is necessary.

Visit Crosswalk.com-and contact your representative today.

I'm Hugh Hewitt.  

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