Marriage, Disintegrating

Michael Medved | Beyond The News Commentary | Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Marriage, Disintegrating

January 26, 2005

Advocates for same-sex marriage argue that sanctioning the love of gay partners won't harm the existing institution of man-woman matrimony, but an Episcopal priest in New Haven, Connecticut dramatically undermined this contention.

Rev. Michael F. Ray has banned all wedding ceremonies in his church-including the wedding of his own daughter-until his denomination authorizes gay marriage.

He demands that brides and grooms "stand in solidarity with same-sex couples so they understand what it's like not to have that privilege."

In other words, he's willing to shatter wedding plans for an entire community to push radical restructuring of the family unit.

Rev. Ray previously engaged in his own radical restructuring when he left his wife and three children to publicly enter a relationship with another man.

An activist who's proud of breaking up his family-and blocks wedding plans for loving young couples-cannot plausibly claim to support the institution of marriage.

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