Imus' Lustful Comments

Eric Hogue

Imus' Lustful Comments

The outrage over Don Imus' radio comments are slightly "off target". Yes, we should be upset over his racial comments, and we should see his sexists comments for what they are, adulterous.

I hear in Imus' words another example of looking upon women disrespectfully, inside of this 'hyper-sexualized' culture. Imus attacked gender and racial color. We all know the political climate is about scoring spirited points, but for the kingdom of God, our points scale (deeds) is in treating wounds.

My wife and I are raising two lovely daughters (we don't raise kids, we raise adults); I hear, feel and see all of the "abuse" that is tossed their way simply for the fact that they are created as woman.

In the church, a community that should be about the rescue of the image-icon called woman, we quietly treat them the same way as the culture. Telling them they can serve (hide out) in the children's ministry, the food pantry, worship team or greeting-benevolence team.

No leadership, and no "front-and-center" position for you ladies, the traditionalists (legalism) may get upset and reduce their tithe checks, or worse yet, split the church over their indifference. Just forget the "fact" that Jesus liberated more women than anyone inside of this era's creation. He loved them, reached them, place them in leadership and gave them great favor in grace.

Consider the social facts, our economical society pays women as second rate workers. Most women get '72-cents' on the dollar as men's pay scale. We often guilt women (mothers) over motherhood and children. Truth be told, if given a plausible choice - most, I said most, not all - working women would love to be home with their children. On the other hand, when it comes to fathers...well, "men will be boys", and absent a few days, maybe years, during the child rearing seasons.

Why are our teachers grossly underpaid? Might I suggest; due to positions held predominately by women during the economical boom of our culture, we under appreciated their value and their efforts. Have you ever taught in the classroom? My wife was a teacher for the majority of our marriage life. It is not an easy 'service career' (ministry), and it is not a "9-to-5" job, as many in society believe it to be, as I used to.

Rutgers's basketball players are accomplished women. Imus attacked their looks their hair and their abilities as women, saying that they were really more like men. I, of all people, can appreciate getting carried away with an open microphone, but Imus' comments were adulterous to the core.

My two daughters are successful high school athletes, they take all of these comments to heart. It hurts, and it is morally damaging to girls, and their self-esteem. God does not play favorites, He is not partial and He doesn't compare our gift sets with others. He asks that we use our talents to the fullest of our purposes, and His plan for our lives.

Let's fact it, society is a male dominated (note, I didn't say anything about male leadership here, domination and leadership are two different things). Men make the rules, and they have stated that there are a few fields where women are "allowed" to get individual attention. To women, 'be sexy' and you have found your approved niche.Look like a model, be thin like a model and you are all women, noticed and desired.

Dribble a basketball, swim the '500 in record time and you are a "she-male", a cheap imitation of the male. Become the Program Director, Office Manager, and your pay scale is lower than the men you've just replaced. You're woman, you're less qualified, even with the 25-years of experience and the Master's Degree.

We have dehumanized Abba Father's creative woman, so to over sexualize them for our own allowances. They're only permissible, successful field of accomplishment is sexual presentation and performance.

"So a man thinks (lusts) in his heart (mind), he has committed adultery." Looking upon a woman with lust comparison is an affront to God's image. In essence, we are telling the Creator that "she" is only good for man's sexual arousal. Sorry men, Abba has created her with an image (icon) of Himself, and a purpose beyond our sinful, sexual slaveries.

Don Imus' comments damaged women, God's creation. His words were full of derogatory, adulterous connotation...and the sad part for me, as a Christian man, we are too insensitive to hear it on behalf or our mothers, daughters and wives.

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