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Homosexual Advocacy Group Effusive in Its Praise for Kerry

Susan Jones | Morning Editor | Thursday, April 8, 2004

Homosexual Advocacy Group Effusive in Its Praise for Kerry

(CNSNews.com) - The National Stonewall Democrats have endorsed Sen. John F. Kerry for president, saying, "There has never been a presidential nominee who has held such a strong record of support for our community."

The group's board of directors was unanimous in its vote. "Even before his first year in the Senate almost twenty years ago, Senator Kerry has been a friend to gay and lesbian families," said Dave Noble, executive director of the National Stonewall Democrats.

NSD accused President Bush of "actively campaigning and governing against our families." Kerry, on the other hand, "respects our families," NSD said.

The group said it will now create a coordinated campaign among its membership to elect John Kerry and other Democrats.

Chrissy Gephardt, the lesbian daughter of former presidential contender Rep. Dick Gephart, is the director of NSD's grassroots campaign. Chrissy Gephardt will be in charge of registering voters, creating voter files, training activists and building coalitions for the Democratic ticket in targeted states and will run aggressive, get-out-the-vote efforts in November, NSD said.

"Senator Kerry will move us forward on issues important to our community," said Chrissy Gephardt. "We disagree with his decision to support a Massachusetts amendment that would ensure civil unions but bar recognition of same-sex marriages, and we will fight to defeat any such amendment.

"However, like I did with my own Dad on the campaign trail, we will continue to educate him about why full marriage equality is crucial. In Senator Kerry, we have a candidate who will fight for equality in workplace protections, tax fairness, immigration policy, military service and society at large.

According to the National Stonewall Democrats, President Bush's "strong opposition to gay and lesbian families" has encouraged numerous Republicans to work with the National Stonewall Democrats to defeat him in November.