Bringing Hope To Japan

Ryan Duncan

Bringing Hope To Japan

In 2010, an earthquake struck the country of Haiti, killing many and leaving millions more homeless. Now a similar tragedy has struck the country of Japan, decimating the homes and lives of its citizens. The death toll is estimated to be in the tens of thousands, yet the extent of the damage is still unknown as the survivor’s battle receding waters and an ongoing nuclear threat.     

Resources are sorely needed at this time, and as followers of Christ, we are called by God to help others in their hour of need. has put together a list of several emergency aid groups currently working in Japan. We encourage you to make a financial donation and help bring much needed relief to the Japanese people.

World Vision
World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization that has dedicated itself to fighting poverty and injustice worldwide. Emergency relief teams are currently on the ground, assessing needs and distributing much needed relief supplies. As a child-focused organization, World Vision is focusing its efforts on responding to the needs of Japans’ children. Click here to make a donation.

Samaritans Purse
Following the story of the Good Samaritan, Samaritan’s Purse seeks to provide impoverished countries around the world with food, medicine, and other assistance in the name of Jesus Christ. A Samaritan’s Purse disaster relief team has arrived in Japan and will be partnering with local churches to distribute food, water, blankets, and other aid to the people in need. Click here to make a donation.

Salvation Army
The Salvation Army has been active in Japan since 1895, serving as a witness for Christ by providing people with shelter, clothing, and encouragement. The Salvation Army currently has three relief teams on the ground in Japan, and is looking to bring for further aid to the people through prayer and financial support. Click here to make a donation.         

American Red Cross
The American Red Cross is one of the nation’s premier emergency response organizations. Red Cross excels in delivering medical relief in natural disaster, while providing victims with shelter and a hot meal in times of crisis. The Red Cross is currently active in Japan, providing medical assistance through Emergency Operation Centers. Click here to make a donation.

Shelter Box
Shelter Box provides emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families affected by natural disasters. Their large, green, ShelterBoxes are tailored to disaster relief, and contain essentials like water, blankets, basic tools, and other vital items. Shelter Box is currently en route to Japan where they seek to create emergency shelters. Click here to make a donation.                             

Please pray for the people of Japan.