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7 Places to be Aware of for Mission Trips

Sarah Landrum | | Updated: Feb 17, 2017

7 Places to be Aware of for Mission Trips

Places for Mission Trips

Christians have faith in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit; they believe in the gospel and the need to go into other nations and share that gospel. Mission trips are what allow Christians to go to countries in need and make a difference. Sharing God’s love with the world will change the hearts of His people. Here are a few places around the globe that need mission trips.

1. Central America

To go on a mission trip, you have to have a place in need and a way to provide help. Central America has so many different projects that are ideal for mission trips. For example, Youth Quest International provides teens with current opportunitiesin Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

Central America has many orphanages that missionaries visit and spend time sharing the gospel. The rainy season wipes out homes and shelters in villages, which creates the need for building projects. Opportunities within Central America create a life-changing experience for mission teams, as well as the community the team goes to.

2. Africa

Any mission trip you go on will be a life-changing event. It’s important to prepare emotionally, physically and also in your faith. If you want to go on a mission trip to Africa, prepare yourself for a culture and climate shock.

Africa has various religions within the continent. Some countries in Africa have high rates of Islam, while other areas have traditional African tribe religion. There is also a high rate of Christianity in South Africa. No matter what religion a country is known for, the need for missions is still there. 

Whether you help build a water well to provide a village with fresh water, have bible studies with orphans or build a new shelter, mission trips in Africa are desperately needed.

3. Haiti

Haiti is a small, tropical country with high poverty rates and a large number of orphaned children. There is a strong need here for food assistance as well as clean water, health care, education and other important projects. Healing Haiti is a mission-minded company that sends people on mission trips to Haiti to enrich the lives of the people with projects encompassing these areas, and more.

One of the coolest opportunities for families through Healing Haiti is the family mission trips, where vacation is turned into purpose. Rather than a family taking a typical vacation to the beach, they can go to Haiti and help the people there. This opportunity brings families together while assisting a country in need.

4. India

India is primarily a Hindu country that believes in arranged marriages, the supreme spirit of Brahman and other cultural traditions. The major ethical crisis in this country involves the sex trafficking of girls and women, orphans and poverty.

Indians sometimes believe having a girl is expensive, so they often get rid of the child in the form of abortion or sending her to an orphanage. A mission trip to India would mean showing God’s love and purpose to unwanted orphans. The economical gap between the rich and poor in India creates a major need for missions in this country.

5. China

The majority of China sits in the 10/40 window, which is a geographical rectangle Christians created to indicate where the gospel is needed most. China is deeply rooted in Buddhism with very little Christianity here. While you have to worry about pickpocketing, China is a safe country to visit as a missionary.

The country is under an environmental crisis, with smog covering the cities. Thousands of lives are affected and people are dying from smog, lack of proper nutrition and a shortage in housing. There is definitely need for more missionaries and Christianity in this country.

6. South America

As Christians, you’re called to serve. Serving in South America will provide opportunities like no other. South America Mission (SAM) provides long-term and short-term opportunities within South America to spread God’s love with others.

Whether you’re called to be a teacher, nurse, church planter, or someone on a mission team, your job is equally important. Working with children, families and ministries will provide the people of South America with hope, happiness and God’s love.

7. The USA

When planning a mission trip, the need for those in your own country is often overlooked. Your neighbors, whether in your own state or halfway across the country, are in need. Mission trips within the USA are equally rewarding to both the mission team and the people being helped.

The typical projects within the USA are home improvement projects through group mission trips. Repairing a home for someone who can’t afford it or can’t fix it themselves will provide them the hope they need in the humanity around them. God’s love isn’t just needed in other countries – it’s also needed right next door.

Going on a mission trip will change your life. There’s culture shock, climate shock, foods you’ve never tried before and cultural traditions you’ve never seen before. People live in shacks, children are without parents and families need food. The need for missions around the world is substantial. Don’t question it. Just go.

Sarah Landrum is a freelance writer on a mission to change the world and help people live happier, more enriched lives. She is also the founder of the career and happiness site Punched Clocks

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Publication date: February 16, 2017

7 Places to be Aware of for Mission Trips