Democrat Party Keeping Its Focus on Karl Rove

Susan Jones | Senior Editor | Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Democrat Party Keeping Its Focus on Karl Rove

( - John Roberts' confirmation hearings and hurricane relief efforts may be dominating the headlines, but the Democratic National Committee is not deterred: It continues to issue daily reminders about the Karl Rove controversy in an effort to keep the issue alive.

Each day, the DNC is highlighting a "specific fact" that "Americans deserve to know about the White House's involvement in the improper and possibly illegal disclosure of an undercover CIA agent's identity for political gain."

The DNC headlines its daily "reminder" with the phrase, "Mr. Bush, Tear Down That Stone Wall!"

The DNC cites news reports saying that the 20-month-long federal grand jury probe into the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity could wrap up within weeks. And if that probe implicates Rove, as the DNC assumes it will, "will Bush keep either of his promises" to fire the person responsible? the DNC is asking.

"Why didn't Bush at least revoke Rove's security clearance when it became clear Rove had improperly used his access to national security secrets to achieve a partisan, political objective?" the DNC asked in Tuesday's daily reminder.

The Rove controversy made headlines for a few weeks in July, but as "scandals" go, it has failed to produce much grassroots interest or outrage.

In a statement released on July 19, the Democratic National Committee suggested that President Bush had nominated Judge John Roberts to torpedo the Rove story.

"Faced with a growing scandal surrounding the involvement of Deputy White House chief of Staff Karl Rove and Vice President Cheney's Chief of Staff Lewis Libby in the leaking the identity of a covert CIA operative, President Bush announced his nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court late this evening," the DNC said on July 19.

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