Former Muslim Trains Christians to Witness in Local Mosques

Former Muslim Trains Christians to Witness in Local Mosques

May 16, 2005

W.L. Cati, a former Muslim and founder of an evangelical Christian ministry, wants to train fellow followers of Christ how to go boldly into mosques and witness to Muslims.

W.L. Cati heads a Florida-based organization called Zennah Ministries, which she founded to reach out to people whose lives have been affected by Islam, especially women under Muslim influence; to educate the public about the differences between the Christian faith and the Muslim religion; and to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ, even taking the good news into "the mouth of hell" if necessary.

Not long ago, Cati led a group of Christians through the front door of the Islamic Center of Sarasota, Florida, to share the gospel. "A year ago February," she recalls, "we went into the Sarasota mosque, and we have seen so much fruit come out of that visit. One of the key guys in that mosque accepted Christ as his Savior."

Now, the former Muslim turned Christian evangelist has put together a weekend seminar that she wants to present to churches in order to equip Christians to go into an area mosque and bear witness to the Way, the Truth, and the Life. "If we could go in on a Thursday evening, I'll share my testimony," Cati explains, "and then that Friday morning, we'll go in and teach [the seminar participants] about mosque etiquette -- how to go into the mosque. And then we will go visit the mosque nearest them that Friday afternoon."

The head of Zennah Ministries says the newly trained and equipped Christians would go into the local mosque boldly and not by the back door, by any means. "We're going in the front door," she asserts, "and we'll also have invitations where we're going to invite them to go to a special service just for them on Saturday evening."

Cati says there will be no debating during these mosque visits, just earnest Christian witnessing. "I'll share a little bit," she notes, "and then I want the local pastor of that church or one of those churches [involved in the outreach] to get up and share just a very simple evangelical salvation message." She plans to begin the seminars next year.


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