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Family Group Warns of 'Deviant Homosexual Content' on New Cable Networks

Melanie Hunter | Deputy Managing Editor | Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Family Group Warns of 'Deviant Homosexual Content' on New Cable Networks

( - A pro-family group is warning parents about two new homosexual cable networks that will be offered by cable providers.

Comcast and Cox Communications recently agreed to offer the homosexual network Here, which is produced by Regent Entertainment, through their video-on-demand service, The New York Times reported this week. Also, Viacom will launch LOGO, a homosexual-themed network, as a basic cable channel on June 30.

"I don't think most parents want their children flipping channels on their way to the Cartoon Network and running across a scene of two men kissing in bed on the Logo network," said Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association. "Most of us have enough to explain to our children nowadays."

Wildmon warned that late-night programming on Here or LOGO could turn pornographic. "The very nature of homosexuality is based on eroticism and the infatuation with sex," he said.

According to the New York Times, Regent's Here network will feature a show called "Adored: Diary of a Male Porn Star." But, the president of Regent Entertainment told the New York Times the Here network's programming is intended for "mainstream" homosexual Americans.

"We are not out at bars cruising for anonymous sex," the New York Times quoted Regent Entertainment President Paul Colichman as saying. "We are generally at home with our partners, taking care of a leaking roof and transporting the cat to the vet because she is coughing. What the gay community lacks is the same type of general entertainment that everybody else has."

"This is programming targeted to a group of people who define themselves by their sexual behavior, and one can expect the gay networks to follow the trend in offensive late night programming such as we saw with 'NYPD Blue,' only in a more deviant homosexual context," Wildmon said.

"The gay and lesbian networks are geared toward mainstream homosexuals who view sexuality and define pornography very differently from the majority of mainstream Americans," he added.

Wildmon said networks like Here and LOGO should not be offered as 24-hour programming available to basic cable subscribers. AFA plans to contact sponsors of "this type of offensive heavy duty homosexual content" and hold them accountable, he said.

"This type of programming invading cable reinforces the need for a la carte choices instead of forcing people to pay for a 24-hour homosexual network," Wildmon said.

According to the cable channel's website, LOGO is currently planning shows such as "Noah's Arc," which is described as "a comedy about a group of African-American gay men living in Santa Monica."

"We are laughing and crying with Scott Thompson through the beautiful love stories and the party planning fiascos of My Fabulous Gay Wedding," LOGO's website says about another show currently in production.

The cable network is also planning the first-ever telecast of "The 16th Annual GLAAD Media Awards" and will be "teaming up with CBS News to cover LGBT stories and headlines in a profession and authentic voice."

Also, LOGO will feature a documentary series called "Momentum," which "tells the stories of gay rugby players, transgender actresses, and teens with same-sex parents."

In addition, the homosexual channel has "amassed the definitive library of lesbian and gay films - over 200 titles in all." The films are described as "critically acclaimed movies from brilliant directors and producers that tell our stories."

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