No Truce in the Battle Against Christmas

Michael Medved | Beyond The News Commentary | Wednesday, December 1, 2004

No Truce in the Battle Against Christmas

December 1, 2004
Following the much-discussed success of Christian conservatives in the recent elections, will the holiday season suddenly take on a more religious flavor?

Nervous secularists assert that people of faith are taking over the country, and imposing their beliefs on everyone else.

Does this mean a Christmas season with more nativity scenes, crosses, and carols that mention God and Jesus? 

The answer, unfortunately, is no.

Believers aren't pushing their agenda this season-as usual, it's the secular fundamentalists who continue to chip away at our nation's religious traditions, and to make people feel guilty even for pronouncing the words "Merry Christmas."

This sad situation demonstrates the absurdity of the left's hysterical warnings about an oppressive Christian takeover.

Religious conservatives aren't trying to impose our ideas.

We've only become mobilized to defend American values against aggressive non-believers who continue their relentless efforts to erase the nation's Christian heritage-which even honest non-Christians can acknowledge and celebrate. 

I'm Michael Medved.

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