Target Plays Role of Scrooge

Hugh Hewitt | Beyond The News Commentary | Monday, November 29, 2004

Target Plays Role of Scrooge

November 29, 2004
This Christmas season, the Target Corporation has decided to exile the Salvation Army and their familiar red kettles from the fronts of their more than 1,100 stores.

It's a devastating blow to the Salvation Army which last year raised more than $9 million dollars from kettles placed in the front of Target.

The store's explanation is that they can no longer make an exception to their "no solicitation" policy, and seems to say that no charity should be favored above others.

The Army's bell ringers have always served not only the down-and-out, the drug dependent and the homeless, but also all shoppers as it reminded them of the reason for the season, the origin of this vast retailing enterprise.

Now Target as made the churlish move of cutting itself off from the roots of its retail success, removing one of the more significant symbols of the season.

Why not join me by encouraging your local Target to changes its mind and reverse this very Scrooge-like decision? 

I'm Hugh Hewitt.

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