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Witness to Muslims, Afghan says

Witness to Muslims, Afghan says

According to a report from the International Mission Board (IMB), sharing Christ with Muslims is easier than most Christians think - "if they trust God's spirit to use the Scripture." A former Muslim, Hussain Andaryas, shared his story of conversion with IMB staff March 27.

Hussain said his life was transformed after a stranger ripped the Gospel of Luke from his Bible and handed him the pages. Those loose pages led the former Muslim to accept Christ in 1990, but only after a long struggle. It took years of studying the Bible before Hussain overcame stereotypes and hatred. Now living with his wife and two children in the United States, he works with a Christian radio ministry and the largest Internet ministry among Afghans in Central Asia.

Christians must trust the power of God's Word and not to be afraid to share the gospel with Muslims, Hussain said. He reminded his audience that he wouldn't be where he is today if not for the pages a stranger tore from his Bible years ago.

The vast majority of Afghanistan's 26.7 million people practice Islam. Only four of the 10 largest people groups in Afghanistan have Scripture portions available in their language.