Two Christian Leaders Arrested in Sudan

Two Christian Leaders Arrested in Sudan

ASSIST News Service (ANS) reports that the Rev. Peter Hammond, director of Frontline Fellowship, and Bishop Bullen Dolli, Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, have been arrested and detained in Yei Province in Southern Sudan by the Public Security Office. A spokesman for South African-based Frontline Fellowship told ANS, "Peter and the Bishop are being held on trumped-up charges of treason and insurrection."

According to reports, the two were dragged out of a church seminar last Saturday. Following three hours of interrogation by the Military Intelligence of the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA) their passports were confiscated.

"Ministry opportunities have been missed due to this," the spokesman told ANS. "Tribal animosities have exacerbated the situation.

"At present Peter and the Bishop are under house arrest and being detained against their wills. The SPLA would not let them leave on two flights that were organized," said the spokesman. "Please help these Christian leaders by praying for their release."