Religion Today Summaries, November 21, 2002

Religion Today Summaries, November 21, 2002

In Today's Edition:

  • School Children Massacred In Jerusalem
  • Liberal Groups Launch "What Would Jesus Drive?" Campaign
  • American Missionary Killed in Lebanon
  • Khmer Rouge General Now Preaches Gospel of Christ

School Children Massacred In Jerusalem
Stefan J. Bos
(Assist News) Dead bodies of school children were laying side by side on a street in Jerusalem Thursday, November 21, after a suicide bombing at the front of a bus killed 11 and wounded dozens.  Israeli troops reportedly moved into Bethlehem and arrested two suspected Members of Hamas, the radical movement believed to be responsible for Jerusalem's first suicide attack in four months.  Witnesses and police had identified the bomber as a 23-year old man from Bethlehem, who they said detonated his device just after a group of children boarded the bus in west Jerusalem.  Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Ron Proser told reporters that the bus was packed with school children and people going to work.  Chief Palestinian Negotiator, Saeb Erakat, denied the Palestinian Authority's involvement in the latest attack, and reportedly said the world should also remember the "nine Palestinians that have been killed in the last 24 hours at the hands of the Israeli army."

Liberal Groups Launch "What Would Jesus Drive?" Campaign
(Baptist Press) Members of religious and environmental groups concerned about the effect of gas-guzzling SUVs on the environment are launching a nationwide campaign called "What Would Jesus Drive?" in an effort to persuade car buyers to opt for more fuel-efficient cars.  The National Council of Churches, the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life have joined to draw attention to the problem SUVs pose for the environment and to assert that gas-guzzlers are contrary to Christian moral teachings about protecting people and the earth.  "Because automobiles are having such an extraordinary global impact, choices about what cars to build raise fundamental moral issues," the letter says.  "Automobile manufacturing now requires thinking about values, not just vehicles.  We hope that when Christians go to purchase their next vehicle, they will ask, 'What would Jesus have me drive?'" said Jim Ball, one of the leaders of the campaign. "We think the answer would be he would have you drive the most fuel-efficient vehicle that truly meets your needs."

American Missionary Killed in Lebanon
Stefan J. Bos

(Assist News) On the heels of the massacre in Israel, news came from Lebanon that an American woman working as a missionary was gunned down early Thursday, November 21, in southern Lebanon in the clinic where she worked helping Palestinian refugees.  The woman was identified as 31-year old Bonnie Whiterall, a nurse assistant at church-run clinic in the port city of Sidon about 28 miles south of the capital Beirut.  At the time of press, it was not known if the crime was politically motivated, but anti- American sentiment has risen in Lebanon since a Palestinian uprising against U.S. ally Israel began two years ago, the Reuters news agency said.

Khmer Rouge General Now Preaches Gospel of Christ
(Missions Insider) A former general of the feared Khmer Rouge is now preaching Christ in Cambodia. His salvation came about because one whom he once sought to kill desired to bring him eternal life.  "We believe that God is calling us to bring Jesus to our national enemies, the Khmer Rouge," Setan Aaron Lee, founder and director of Kampuchea for Christ, told Christian Aid. "When they have Jesus, they will have everything they will ever need."  Lee said a door of opportunity was opened to him and his workers last May.  "We were able to proclaim the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ to General Tith Voeum and his family. In just a matter of minutes, this top military general in Pol Pot's army and his family surrendered to Jesus Christ.  Just last month I was able to visit him again and he now has a house church of more than 100 believers. Who would believe it? A man who was serving the most depraved dictator, Pol Pot, is now serving Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords."